Hey, I’m Jaime.. Your Online Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach.

I love cupcakes, just like you. Shocking for a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach to say that right off that bat .. isn’t it?

I also love wine, and pizza and chocolate. By the way, did you know that cookies actually feed your soul?

Ok yes, of course.. I am a huge advocate for healthy, nutritious wholesome foods, and yes..I believe that whole foods should make up the majority of any solid nutrition plan.. but I also believe that your “diet” should fit into your life.. don’t you agree?

I am an Online Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach, meaning that I work with clients all over the world to help them achieve the body of their dreams.  I have spent the last 10 years studying (& testing), different exercise and nutrition modalities and have helped countless people achieve their fitness goals in a sustainable and non restrictive way. With the beauty of technology, I am able to help people achieve their goals no matter where their geolocation is 🙂

cupcakeIt is absolutely my mission in life to help people reach their fitness and wellness goals, while proving to them that they don’t need to spend hours in the day or go on a restrictive diet to get there.

To learn more about my story, please visit my About Me page.

You can have the body of your dreams, and you CAN get there without resorting to restrictive methods. I can’t wait to show you how! To learn more about Online Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching, please click here.

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What is Online Personal Training & Nutritional Coaching?

Online Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching means that you can be anywhere in the world and hire me as your coach (gotta love the internet!) . After an initial assessment, I write you a customized workout and meal plan based on your lifestyle and goals. We check in weekly and adjustments are made depending on your progress. Many people find online coaching MUCH more affordable than traditional in-person training. You can learn more about my program by clicking below!


Free Guide: Eating For Optimal Fat Loss

Eating for Optimal Fat Loss

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